Cutting? First step to create quality subtitling!

Cutting corresponds to the subtitling stage during which we will cut each sentence into several subtitles in order to avoid having “blocks” of text in the image. Specialists should note that this phase is often included in “spotting”. This is a very important step if you want to create quality subtitling.

This division is very important because it is necessary to respect the logical reading direction of the sentence. A simple sentence quickly becomes confusing if the cutting is not good.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, for example, here are some possible breakdowns for the sentence:

-> He was walking his dog next to the house on the hill.


Subtitle 1 : 
He was walking his

Subtitle 2 : 
dog next to the house on the hill.


Subtitle 1 : 
He was walking his

Subtitle 2 : 
dog next to the

Subtitle 3 :
house on the hill.


Subtitle 1 : 
He was walking his dog

Subtitle 2 :
next to the house on the hill.

Cutting is a step where the human is more efficient than the machine. At CheckSub some steps are automated but each cutting is done by our subtitlers. This is the only way to create quality subtitling that is comfortable to read.

Now that you’re an expert we invite you to spot the good and bad cuttings on the subtitles of your series or films 😁

now you're ready to do some good subtitling.


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