CreativityDose: “It makes sense for these kids, but still…”

With the CreativityDose we decided to select and subtitle videos that deserve your attention 🙌.

Here’s the first one:

Script de la vidéo en anglais :

In honor of International Women`s Day, we gave children a taste of work life.

I`m Selma.

I`m Martin.

I`m Ask.

And I`m Victoria.

I`m Lars.

And I`m Felicia.

I have a job for you guys.

I want you to put the blue balls in one vase
and the pink ones in the other.


Shall we put the pink ones in this and the blue in this?


The other way around?

Blue in this one.

OK, it is time for your reward.


What`s this?
Ok, open your eyes.



I got a little more than you. 

Molly, the reason you got less than Thomas, is because you are a girl.

That is just weird!

That is no good!

That is so unfair!
What do you think, Felicia?

We did the same job, but we didn`t get the same amount.
She was just as good as me, so we should get the same reward.

Because otherwise it`s unfair!

There is no difference between boys and girls!
It`s just wrong!

Why is it wrong? 

Girls aren`t worth any less than boys.

It doesm`matter if you`re a boy or a girl.

I think it`s equal now.


Now it`s equal. 

Now it`s equal!

Unequal pay is unacceptable
in the eyes of children.

Why should we accept this as adults?

Women working in the financial sector
earn on average 20 % less than men. 

We are working to change that!


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